I am Christian Fuda.

Owner and designer of Fuda Customs. I am currently studying Industrial design at NC State in hopes of perusing a career in footwear design. Please enjoy both my footwear design projects and custom painted footwear.


Custom Footwear Artistry



Q: How does Fuda Customs come up with prices for customs?

A: Fuda Customs original artwork takes time and based on the time needed to complete the job (getting the shoe, prep, artwork, finishing) + cost of the actual shoe being used + shipping cost. Prices are non-negotiable.

Q: Is there a plan for multiple payments?

A: At this time, Fuda Customs requires full payment at the time order is placed.

Q: Is there a return policy?

A: Like all other kinds of custom work, all sales are final. For clothing apparel, size exchanges are permitted on a one time basis.


Please refer to the “How To Order” page for all ordering details.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Fuda Customs will ship wherever a plane can land! We ship via USPS priority with tracking overseas and domestic.

Q: What happens if my shoes or another item get lost in the mail?

A: In an effort to protect the Fuda Customs and the customer, a tracking number will ALWAYS be provided when shipping any Fuda Customs product. Once the tracking description says, “delivered” Fuda Customs cannot be held liable if an item goes missing.

Q: What is the shipping address for Fuda Customs?

A: The address for Fuda Customs is located at the top of all invoices. Please do not ship anything until you have an invoice from the Fuda Customs or you’ve placed an order through the website.

Q: What happens if my shoes are damaged when I receive them?

A: Fuda Customs is not liable for damaged sneakers. All Fuda Customs are inspected prior to shipping out to the customer. If there is damage done to the shoe, Fuda Customs is happy to assist in any way possible but is not liable for damages. Just a reminder, all sales are final!


Q: Will Fuda Customs reproduce custom designs that are “sold out”?

A: No, once a custom design is sold out, Fuda Customs will not reproduce it. The reason for doing this is to keep all custom design limited and special.

Q: How long does it take to make a pair?

A: As of August 2013, there is a 2 month wait for a pair of Fuda Customs. It is highly suggested that you still place an order and hold your spot in line so if the wait time grows it won’t effect you. Once your payment is received, you are placed in the queue to have you order fulfilled. When your customs have been completed they will ship within 24 hours and a tracking number will be provided. If there are any delays, the customer will be notified.

Q: Can I wear my Fuda Customs and are they waterproof?

A: Yes! All Fuda Customs are great for light casual wear. All shoes are waterproof and will not discolor due to water exposure (rain, puddles, etc.) However, just like art, paint can scuff so wear at your own risk!

Q: Can you do a sketch of the custom you are going to paint for me?

A: Due to time constraints and the high volume of orders it is simply not possible to create preliminary sketches at this time.

Q: Does Fuda Customs offer restorations?

A: Yes! We currently offer minor restorations. Fuda Customs will require a picture of the shoe before they can determine if they are able to restore it.

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